We are suppliers of high-end LED high bays, flood lights, tubes and all electrical components.

Ultranova was started by its current director and CEO, PJ Brooks. PJ is a born entrepreneur and has always had the ambition to start his own company. With his 8 years’ experience in the LED industry, he had a vision to be one of the top manufacturers of OEM LED products. He wanted to create a business which supplies high end LED products to important clients across Africa, and so he did. Ultranova has managed to build a broad spectrum of clients during a very tricky time in our economy, and they currently supply big companies such as Nobotrax, Exxaro, Collec and Arcelor Mittal.

Meet The Management

PJ Brooks

P.J. Brooks - Founder & CEO

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and love to solve a problem. Solving a client’s challenge and identifying their needs is what I strive for. It gives me pride to provide clients with high-end quality products and seeing the benefits they experience from these.

"All stars are born in the dark and all darkness dies in the light..."
- Unknown

Our Story

Ultranova was started in 2016 from a home office, but during 2020, they acquired a 200 square warehouse which is currently where the manufacturing and dispatch takes place for all the LED products. It is also known as the headquarters which is located in Clayville, Olifantsfontein. 

Ultranova is currently leading the market with some of the highest quality products found in South Africa. PJ have collaborated with various local manufacturers and well-known brands in the industry, aiming to combine various services in one offering, easily accessible to all. PJ combined 10 years’ experience, they are expanding Ultranova’s footprint in the online market with their high-quality products, at a lower cost. This new adventure has resulted in Ultranova partnering with Eco LED, also a local company, to provide the LED market with economic products. They strive to maintain the quality products and service they have been known to supply in the LED industry. 

"Even a small amount of light completely changes the darkness.."
- Unknown

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