Battery Back Up C8 51.2V 220Ah 11.2kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


C8 51.2V 220Ah 11.2kWh
Model C8
Battery Type LiFePO4
Battery Capacity 220Ah
Power Capacity 11.2kWh
Nominal 51.2V
Float Charge 54.5V
Absorption Charge 55.5V
Maximum Charge/Discharge 100/150A
DoD 100%
Weight & Dimensions
Battery Dimensions [LxWxH] 460mm x 442mm x 225mm
Battery Weight 57kg
BMS Dimensions [LxWxH] 445mm x 282mm x 46mm
BMS Weight 3.6kg
Total Weight 117.6kg
at Charging 0 – 45°C
at Discharging -20 – 45°C
Enclosure Protection IP20
Design Cycle Life 7000
Communications Interface CAN Bus
Compatible Inverters All leading inverter brands
Storage Conditions 15 – 25°C at 50% SoC
(charge every 6 months)
Warranty 10 years / 3500 cycles
Introducing the C8 51.2V 220Ah 11.2kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery – a testament to exceptional energy storage technology. Engineered with precision and powered by innovation, this battery offers unparalleled reliability and performance for various applications.
Advanced Design: The 1st LiFe batteries feature a superior 16-cell configuration, comprised of automotive-grade cells. This robust design is meticulously crafted to withstand challenging conditions, extreme temperatures, and to provide an impressive energy density. The LiFePO4 batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate into inverter-controlled energy storage systems, catering to residential, business, or factory power backup needs.
Key Features:
  • Safe LiFePO4 Chemistry: Employing LiFePO4 chemistry ensures safety and stability, making this battery a reliable choice for diverse applications.
  • Long Lifecycle: The extended lifecycle of this battery ensures consistent performance over a prolonged duration.
  • High Temperature Performance: The battery maintains efficiency even in demanding high-temperature environments.
  • High Energy Density: The innovative cell configuration results in a high energy density, optimizing storage capacity.
  • High Charge and Discharge Rate: The battery supports rapid charging and discharging, enhancing energy utilization.
  • High Efficiency: The battery demonstrates exceptional efficiency, maximizing energy conversion and utilization.
Inclusive Package: The package includes two 5.6 kWh 220Ah LiFePO4 batteries, along with battery monitoring and balancing cable packs, a battery communication harness, and a cable connector pack.
Technical Specifications: Model: C8 Battery Type: LiFePO4 Battery Capacity: 220Ah Power Capacity: 11.2kWh Nominal Voltage: 51.2V Float Charge Voltage: 54.5V Absorption Charge Voltage: 55.5V Maximum Charge/Discharge Current: 100/150A Depth of Discharge (DoD): 100%
Design and Performance Details: With dimensions of 460mm x 442mm x 225mm and a weight of 57kg per battery, the REVOV C8 is designed to optimize space utilization. The battery operates effectively in a wide temperature range, charging efficiently between 0°C to 45°C and discharging between -20°C to 45°C.
Versatility and Compatibility: Encased in IP20 protection, the battery is suitable for various environments. Its design cycle life of 7000 cycles attests to its durability, while compatibility with leading inverter brands ensures seamless integration into diverse energy systems. The recommended storage temperature of 15°C – 25°C at 50% State of Charge (SoC), with a charge every 6 months, guarantees sustained performance.
With an impressive 10-year warranty covering up to 3500 cycles, the C8 51.2V 220Ah 11.2kWh battery offers exceptional performance, durability, and environmental consciousness. Experience a new level of energy storage with a product that stands at the forefront of efficiency, longevity, and reliability.


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