Battery Back Up Portable Atom


Portable Atom UPS with pure sine wave 2kVA/ 2 x 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 batteries


Introducing the revolutionary and portable power solution, the SYS-2LiFe-PORT-PS-ATOM-2kVA-5.12kWh. The REVOV ATOM is more than just a backup system; it’s a compact and integrated powerhouse that ensures you never have to compromise on reliable energy supply again.

The REVOV ATOM is meticulously engineered to provide a seamless and uninterrupted power experience. This all-in-one backup system comes pre-programmed with batteries and a pre-calibrated Battery Management System (BMS), offering you a hassle-free energy solution. The heart of this unit is its 2kW inverter, ready to deliver pure sine wave AC power for your devices.

Designed for convenience and versatility, the REVOV ATOM is equipped with all the necessary wiring, correct fusing, and features a kettle cord input. The standard South African 3-pin socket with USB ports allows you to effortlessly connect your devices to the Pure Sine Wave AC Output, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

At its core lies the REVOV 2nd LiFe batteries, employing an innovative 16-cell configuration crafted from repurposed automotive-grade cells. These batteries are engineered to withstand extreme conditions, temperature fluctuations, and deliver high energy density. With an eco-conscious approach, REVOV reduces electronic waste and repurposes essential materials, showcasing its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Key Features of the REVOV ATOM include its immediate backup transition from grid to battery power, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during critical moments. Available in a storage size of 5.12kWh, housing two 12.8V 200Ah batteries, this unit offers reliability without the need for maintenance or fuel. The Bluetooth Smartphone Application adds a modern touch, providing real-time insights into battery performance and state.

It’s important to note that the REVOV ATOM is designed for indoor installation and not IP rated. Additionally, the unit is optimized for mobile use and not intended to power devices through home electric wiring.

REVOV Batteries (PTY) LTD proudly stands behind this innovation, offering a warranty of 3 years or 2,000 cycles, with an additional 1-year warranty for the inverter used in the REVOV ATOM. When used correctly, the REVOV ATOM can be safely discharged to 80% of its rated 200Ah capacity. It’s crucial to adhere to this guideline to ensure battery longevity.

Specifications of the REVOV ATOM include a transfer time of 20ms, pure sine wave output, and a substantial power output of 2000W. The battery system operates at a voltage of 25.6VDC, with boost and floating charge voltages ensuring optimal performance. With a full energy capacity of 5.12kWh and a usable energy capacity of 4.096kWh, the REVOV ATOM offers ample backup power. Physical dimensions of 550mm x 270mm x 596mm make this portable system a space-saving solution suitable for various settings.

Experience the future of power backup with the SYS-2LiFe-PORT-PS-ATOM-2kVA-5.12kWh and never be caught in the dark again.


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