Battery Back Up SYS-2LiFe-CUBE800-SS-200-10.2-XB


CUBE 800 with SunSynk 6kW Rack mount inverter with 2 x 2nd LiFe R100,
51.2V 100Ah batteries (packed separately)


Introducing the SYS-2LiFe-CUBE800-SS-200-10.2-XB, an innovative and versatile solution designed to redefine your power backup experience. This exceptional product combines the power of the CUBE 800, a SunSynk 6kW rack mount inverter, and two 2nd LiFe R100 batteries, each boasting a 51.2V 100Ah capacity. Unleash the potential of sustainable energy and reliable backup power with this groundbreaking system.

The heart of the SYS-2LiFe-CUBE800-SS-200-10.2-XB is its 5kW/10.2kWh bi-directional UPS inverter. Engineered to offer not only immediate battery-based backup power but also the ability to feed excess energy back into the grid, this inverter stands as a testament to modern energy innovation. With its seamless transition between grid and battery power, it ensures continuous energy availability during critical moments.

Furthermore, the integrated MPPT solar charge controller accommodates solar panels, capable of handling up to 7800W input at 500VDC. This feature empowers you to tap into solar energy, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future. The CUBE 800’s NRS compliant protection ensures daily cycling reliability, cementing its position as a dependable energy solution.

Aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, the CUBE 800 provides a pure sine wave AC output, guaranteeing the safety of your appliances while delivering consistent energy. Additionally, the product includes a remote monitoring function as a standard feature, granting you real-time insights into its performance.

The CUBE 800 is engineered for ease of use and efficiency, offering a comprehensive solution to simplify backup power while promoting environmental consciousness. It’s important to note that the unit is designed for indoor installation due to its lack of IP rating. To ensure proper installation, it’s recommended to engage a qualified installer or electrician.

REVOV Batteries (PTY) LTD proudly offers a robust warranty, encompassing 10 years or 3,500 cycles at 1 cycle per day for the batteries. Additionally, the SunSynk/Deye inverter used in the CUBE 800 is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Delving into specifications, the CUBE 800 impresses with its maximum transfer time of 20ms, pure sine wave output, and a formidable power output of 5000W. The system’s peak power output of 12,000W for 10 seconds ensures reliable performance during high-demand scenarios. With a nominal voltage of 51.2VDC and a 200Ah capacity, the battery system ensures ample energy storage. The integrated solar charger boasts a maximum charging current of 135A and operates across a wide range of voltage conditions.

Empower your energy journey with the SYS-2LiFe-CUBE800-SS-200-10.2-XB and elevate your power backup experience. With dimensions of 600mm x 600mm x 800mm and a weight of 135kg, this solution is ready to reshape your energy landscape for the better.


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