Dubble Fitting Flame Retardant with ULTRALUX TUBE (Optional Battery Backup)


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Introducing our groundbreaking Flame Retardant Double Fitting with ULTRALUX TUBE, a fusion of cutting-edge technology and safety. Crafted with precision, this product offers not only exceptional lighting through the ULTRALUX TUBE but also the added assurance of flame retardance. Available in 4FT and 5FT lengths, this solution redefines safety and illumination standards.
The Flame Retardant Double Fitting with ULTRALUX TUBE is a testament to our commitment to innovation and security. With wattage options ranging from 12W to 27W for 4FT and 18W to 30W for 5FT, you have the flexibility to tailor the lighting to your specific needs. Whether it’s a cozy corner or a sprawling workspace, enjoy superior illumination efficiency.
Safety is paramount, and the flame retardant properties of this product add an extra layer of protection. Engineered to minimize fire risks, this solution is ideal for environments where safety is a top priority. Paired with the remarkable ULTRALUX TUBE, you’re getting not just illumination, but also a product that safeguards against potential hazards.
The integration of the ULTRALUX TUBE ensures impeccable lighting quality. Designed for brilliant illumination and energy efficiency, these tubes contribute to significant cost savings over time. To exemplify our commitment to quality, we provide a 5-year warranty, ensuring your investment is secured for years to come.
Remarkably, the (Optional Battery Backup) feature elevates this product to a new level of preparedness. In scenarios where consistent lighting is critical, such as power outages, the battery backup ensures uninterrupted illumination. This demonstrates our dedication to creating solutions that prioritize performance, safety, and peace of mind.
Installation remains user-friendly, allowing you to harness the benefits of the Flame Retardant Double Fitting with ULTRALUX TUBE with ease. The seamless setup process, combined with the option for a battery backup, caters to a wide range of users, from professionals aiming for secure setups to homeowners seeking dependable lighting solutions.
Elevate your spaces with the ground breaking Flame Retardant Double Fitting with ULTRALUX TUBE. Experience unparalleled brilliance, safety, and versatility, all backed by a 5-year warranty. Illuminate your surroundings with pride, knowing you have a comprehensive lighting solution that delivers exceptional performance and security.
Upgrade your lighting experience today with our Flame Retardant Double Fitting with ULTRALUX TUBE, complete with an optional battery backup. Illuminate your spaces with confidence, and embrace a new era of innovation and safety in lighting solutions.

12W, 18W, 27W, 23W, 30W


4FT, 5FT


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