Dubble Fitting with 2X ULTRALUX TUBE (Optional Battery Backup)


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Introducing our exceptional Double Fitting with ULTRALUX TUBE, a game-changing lighting solution that seamlessly marries innovation and reliability. Available in both 4FT and 5FT lengths, this product is a fusion of the exceptional ULTRALUX TUBE and the convenience of a Double Fitting, delivering an unmatched lighting experience that redefines standards.

Our Double Fitting with ULTRALUX TUBE is designed to elevate your spaces with unparalleled brilliance. With wattage options ranging from 12W to 27W for 4FT and 18W to 30W for 5FT, you have the versatility to tailor the lighting intensity to your specific needs. Illuminate everything from cozy nooks to expansive halls with precision and energy efficiency.

The integration of our ULTRALUX TUBE with this Double Fitting ensures remarkable lighting quality. These tubes are engineered to provide brilliant illumination while consuming minimal energy, translating to substantial cost savings over time. To underscore our commitment to quality, we offer a 5-year warranty, providing you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

What truly sets this product apart is the (Optional Battery Backup) feature. In scenarios where uninterrupted lighting is paramount—such as during power outages—the battery backup ensures that your spaces remain illuminated, showcasing our dedication to creating solutions that prioritize performance and preparedness.

Installation is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of our Double Fitting with ULTRALUX TUBE without unnecessary hassle. The intuitive setup process, coupled with the option for a battery backup, makes this product suitable for a wide range of users, from professionals seeking efficient setups to homeowners looking for dependable lighting solutions.

Embark on a new era of lighting excellence with our Double Fitting with ULTRALUX TUBE. Elevate your surroundings with customizable brilliance, energy efficiency, and the security of an optional battery backup. Illuminate your spaces with confidence, knowing you have a comprehensive lighting solution that adapts to your needs and delivers consistent, superior performance.

Upgrade your lighting experience today with our Double Fitting with ULTRALUX TUBE, complete with an optional battery backup and a 5-year warranty. Illuminate your spaces with pride and embrace the pinnacle of innovation and reliability in lighting solutions.


12W, 18W, 27W, 23W, 30W


4FT, 5FT

Product Code

UN-DF-4FT-12W, UN-DF-4FT-18W, UN-DF-4FT-27W, UN-DF-5FT-18W, UN-DF-5FT-23W, UN-DF-5FT-30W


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