Panel LED Light Silver Edition (Round)


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Panel LED Light Silver Edition (Round) are offered with the following specifications;

Item Description
Product Codes UN-Panel-Round-6w/12w/19w/24w-B
Mounting Type Recessed Round
Power Consumption (w 6w/12w/19w/24w
Operating voltage 85-265v
Power Factor 0.50Pf
Chip Type & Count 90 x SMD 2835
Panel Light Silver Edition (Round) – Colour temperature
3000k Warm White, 5000k Neutral White & 6000k Cool White (3/5/6000k Switchable)
Light output (lumens) 400(cw) / 800(cw) / 1200 (cw) / 1600 (cw)
Rated LED life (hours) 50000
Colour rendering index (CRI) >70
Beam angle (degrees) 120°
Dimming Range Optional
IP Rating IP50
Panel LED Light Silver Edition – Operating Temp -10°- 60°C
Max Humidity 85%
: Incandescent 150w
Replaces : Halogen120w
: CFL45w
Warranty (months) 12
Certification CE, IEC, NRCS & RoHS
Dimensions (L x B x H)
119 x 119 x 19mm (110g) 105 +- 5mm hole cut out required (6W)
170 x 170 x 23mm (225g) 155 +- 5mm hole cut out required (6W)
225 x 225 x 23mm (355g) 210 +-5mm hole cut out required (19W)
295 295 x 20mm (631g) 280 +-5mm hole cut out required (24W)
Diecast Aluminium Casing, Diecast Aluminium Cooler, Polycarbonate Diffuser Lens
These obtuse beam angle panel lights are ideal in medium to high ceilings, over counters or as dry wall bulkhead fittings. These lights are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, offices, shops, showrooms and hospitals and stylish for decorative, mood and work uses. They are also suitable for food-safety, humid and medical applications.
These panel lights are not recommended for ceilings above 5m as a primary source of light unless ceilings and walls are white and their spacing is less than 3m.
Other Features
The PLRs-18w225w3 alternates between cool, neutral and warm white, allowing the user to set the mood by simply toggling the light switch. Their bright wide beam angle light makes them suitable as a centre room, bathroom or shallow cavity luminaires.
Compatible Dimmers
A dimmable version of this panel is available, MOQ applies
Similar Products
A dimmable version of this panel is available, MOQ applies
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6W, 12W, 19W, 24W

Colour Temparature:

3000k, 5000K, 6000K


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