Solar LED Street Lights,


Introducing our revolutionary Solar LED Street Lights with a remarkable 20W power, redefining the paradigm of efficient outdoor lighting. Designed to deliver superior performance and energy efficiency, this product embodies the fusion of advanced technology and environmental consciousness, creating a new era of illuminated streets.
With a 20W power output, these Solar LED Street Lights are tailored to provide optimal illumination for various outdoor settings. These lights feature an integrated 80W 50AH Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, ingeniously encased within the luminaire. This design ensures efficient energy storage during daylight hours, empowering the luminaire to emit reliable and environmentally friendly lighting during the night.
Adaptability is central to these lights’ design, with a color temperature range of 3000-6500K that allows you to customize the lighting ambiance to suit different scenarios. Whether it’s warm and inviting or cool and modern, these lights effortlessly cater to your preferences.
A remarkable 50,000-hour lifespan characterizes these Solar LED Street Lights, ensuring reduced maintenance needs and sustained performance over an extended period. This prolonged life span underscores their durability and aligns with sustainable lighting practices.
Harnessing the sun’s energy, these lights incorporate a multi-crystalline solar panel that efficiently captures solar power and converts it into electricity to energize the luminaire. The pole mounting bracket for the solar panel guarantees secure installation and optimal solar energy absorption, making the setup process hassle-free.
As a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, these Solar LED Street Lights come with an impressive 3-year warranty. This warranty not only offers assurance but also exemplifies our trust in the longevity and performance of our product.
Elevate your outdoor lighting with our Solar LED Street Lights, where innovation, energy efficiency, and reliability converge. Embrace a new era of eco-friendly illumination that not only enhances safety and aesthetics but also contributes to a sustainable future for your community. Illuminate your streets with confidence and environmental responsibility.



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