T8 Glass Tube LED Lights Silver Edition


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T8 Glass Tube LED Lights Silver Edition with the following specification;

Product Codes T82s-9w34cw 201
T84s-18w66cw 206
Power Consumption (w) T82s-9 = 9.3w #
T84s-18 = 18.3w
T85s-22 = 22.8w
T8 Glass Tube Lights Silver Edition Operating Voltage 175-265v
Power Factor 0.57Pf
Chip Type SMD 2835
Colour Temperature 6300k CW
Light Output (lumens) T82s-9 = 866lm
T84s-18 = 1756lm
T85s-22 = 2115lm
Rated LED Life (hours) 15000
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) >80
Beam Angle (degrees) 320°
IP Rating IP44
T8 Glass Tube LED Lights Silver Edition – Operating Temp 15°-40°C
Max Humidity 85%
: FL Tube 18w
: FL Tube 48w
: FL Tube 58w
Warranty (months) 12
Certification NRCS & RoHS
Dimensions (L x B x H) T82s-9 = 605 x 28 x 28mm (103g); T84s-18 = 1215 x 28 x 28mm (189g);
T85s-22 = 1510 x 28 x 28mm (235g)
Materials Glass, ABS & PC Blend Casing, Glass Cooler, Frosted Glass Lens
Applications These wide reflex beam angle tube lights are common in passages, for any height
ceilings, over counters, above or below cabinets and as fluorescent tube alternatives.
These lights are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, offices, shops, workshops, hospitals
and any other area requiring bright linear lighting for primarily functional applications
Limitations These tube lights are not recommended for use in direct contact with water or in
freezer rooms or fridges. They need a 200-240v power source supplied to one end of
the tube in accordance with the requirements of SABS T8 rewire specifications
Other Features They are suitable for corrosive environments and in open or closed T8 fittings
Compatible Dimmers Not dimmable
Weight N/A

2Ft, 4Ft, 5Ft


9W, 18W, 23W


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