T8 Polymer Fittings


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T8 Polymer Fittings are offered with the following specifications;

Product Codes T82s-FIT1s, T84s-FIT1s, T84s-FIT2s,T85s-FIT1s
Product Differentiation 2s-FIT1s = 0.6m T8 Single Tube Polymer Fitting
4s-FIT1s = 1.2m T8 Single Tube Polymer Fitting
4s-FIT2s = 1.2m T8 Double Tube Polymer Fitting
5s-FIT1s = 1.5m T8 Single Tube Polymer Fitting
Operating Voltage 230v
T8 Polymer Fittings Colour W
Rated Life (hours) 50000
Beam Angle (degrees) 330°
IP Rating IP20
Operating Temp -10°- 60°C
Max Humidity 85%
Replaces T82s-FIT = 2ft FL Fitting
T84s-FIT = 4ft FL Fitting
T85s-FIT = 5ft FL Fitting
Warranty (months) 24
Certification IEC, NRCS & RoHS
Dimensions (L x B x H) 2s-FIT1s = 610 x 44 x 33mm (92g)
4s-FIT1s = 1220 x 44 x 33mm (171g)
4s-FIT2s = 1220 x 72 x 40mm (176g)
5s-FIT1s = 1520 x 44 x 33mm (206g)
5s-FIT2s = 1520 x 72 x 40mm (216g)
Materials Fire Retardant Polymer Casing, Polymer Components, Insulated Copper Wiring
Applications These wide reflex beam angle tube light fittings are suitable for ceilings, above or below
cabinets and in confined spaces. These lights will probable best suit kitchens, offices,
shops, showrooms, workshops and parking garages for primarily functional applications
Limitations These tube light fittings are not recommended for use in direct contact with water or in
freezer rooms or fridges as the condensation on the tube contacts may cause rust and
hence bad contact. They are designed for a 100-280v power source
Other Features They are perfect for corrosive environments, fire retardant, non-conductive and
therefore do not require an earth connection. They are narrow and allow the light
emitted from the installed tube to shine back past the mounting position thus allowing
them to be used in many more applications than conventional fittings
Dimmer Compatibility Dimmable tubes can be used in these fittings
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Single, Double


2 Ft, 4 Ft, 5 Ft


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