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Introducing the VLP Linear Luminaire, a pinnacle of excellence in lighting solutions tailored for hazardous environments. Available in three models, each meticulously designed to meet the highest safety standards, the VLP Linear Luminaire provides brilliant illumination while ensuring utmost security.
Efficient Powerhouses:
  • ZLVP18-2 (18W): At 600mm, this model achieves an extraordinary luminous efficacy of 120lm/w, delivering a radiant luminous flux of 2160lm. Its compact size of 600x50x48mm and 1.0kg weight make it a versatile choice.
  • ZLVP36-4 (36W): With a length of 1200mm, this variant yields a luminous flux of 4320lm, catering to larger spaces. It weighs 1.3kg and measures 1200x50x48mm.
  • ZLVP46-5 (46W): Spanning 1500mm, this model shines with a luminous flux of 5520lm. Its dimensions of 1500x50x48mm and weight of 1.6kg make it an optimal solution for expansive environments.
Uncompromised Performance: The VLP Linear Luminaire’s electrical prowess is unmatched. Operating seamlessly within a voltage range of 100 – 277V and a frequency of 50Hz, it boasts an impressive power factor of 0.97 and an efficiency of 92%. The luminaire’s Color Rendering Index (CRI) exceeds 80, ensuring true-to-life colors. Choose from 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K color temperatures to suit your preference. Its light distribution angle of 120° and Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of 22 guarantee uniform and comfortable illumination.
Safety and Compliance: Complying with SANS (IEC) 60079 standards, the VLP Linear Luminaire is engineered to thrive in hazardous conditions. Operating temperatures ranging from 20°C to +70°C, and ambient temperatures between -30°C and +40°C, this luminaire performs consistently. With an LED life span of 50,000 hours (L80 B10), it endures years of service.
Reliability and Assurance: Protected by an IP65 rating, the VLP Linear Luminaire offers reliable defense against dust and water. Backed by a robust 5-year warranty, this luminaire ensures longevity and peace of mind. However, safe usage is paramount. Isolate the luminaire before opening its cover, refrain from opening it in energized or explosive atmospheres, and wipe it only with a damp cloth to mitigate static hazards.
For precision lighting that thrives in challenging environments, choose the VLP Linear Luminaire. Illuminate securely with unmatched performance and peace of mind.

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